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Nom de la chansonRapportsVoulez-vous la traduction?
Ship of Fools0/3
Phantom Bride0/3
Chains of Love0/3
Hallowed Ground0/3
Sixty Five Thousand0/3
Heart of Stone0/3
Witch in the Ditch0/3
Weight of the World0/3
When I Needed You 0/3
River Deep, Mountain High 0/3
Like Zsa Zsa Zsa Gabor0/3
Don't Suppose 0/3
Love Is Colder Than Death0/3
The Hardest Part0/3
Knocking on Your Door0/3
She Won't Be Home0/3
Who Needs Love Like That0/3
Cry So Easy0/3
Push Me Shove Me0/3
Heavenly Action0/3
Say What0/3
Love Is a Loser0/3
My Heart... So Blue0/3
Gimme! Gimme! Gimme!0/3
March On Down the Line0/3
Take Me Back0/3
I Love Saturday0/3
Man in the Moon0/3
So the Story Goes0/3
All Through the Years0/3
Blues Away0/3
Because You're So Sweet0/3
It Doesn't Have to Be1/3
Victim of Love0/3
The Circus0/3
You Surround Me0/3
Blue Savannah0/3
Take a Chance on Me0/3
Who Needs Love Like That (Hamburg Mix)0/3
Fingers & Thumbs (Cold Summer's Day)0/3
Stay with Me0/3
In My Arms0/3
Don't Say Your Love Is Killing Me0/3
First Contact0/3
Oh L'Amour (The Funky Sisters remix)0/3
Who Needs Love Like That (Mexican mix)0/3
Who Needs Love Like That (The Love That Mix version)0/3
Don't Dance0/3
If I Could0/3
Leave Me to Bleed0/3
In The Hall Of The Mountain King0/3
Sometimes (12'' Mix)0/3
It Doesn't Have to Be (The Boop Oopa Doo mix)0/3
It Doesn't Have to Be (Pascal Gabriel mix)0/3
Sometimes (Shiver mix)0/3
Safety In Numbers0/3
Victim of Love (Vixen Vitesse mix)0/3
Piano Song - Instrumental0/3
How Many Times?0/3
La Gloria0/3
Brother and Sister0/3
2,000 Miles0/3
Crown of Thorns0/3
Piano Song0/3
Dreamlike State0/3
Who Needs Love (Like That)0/3
Sunday Girl0/3
I Could Fall In Love With You0/3
Sucker for Love0/3
Storm in a Teacup0/3
Fly Away0/3
How My Eyes Adore You0/3
Glass Angel0/3
Be My Baby0/3
I Don't Know Why0/3
I Could Fall In Love With You (2009 Remaster)0/3
I Like It0/3
Sunday Girl (extended 12' mix)0/3
Hey Now (Think I've Got a Feeling)0/3
Nerves of Steel0/3
No Point in Tripping0/3
Shot a Satellite0/3
Tower of Love0/3
Diamond Lies0/3
New Horizons0/3
Careful What I Try to Do0/3
Kid You're Not Alone0/3