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Swave Sevah Vs. B. Dot
Paroles de Rare Breed Entertainment

Aye, New York, what’s happenin’?
My name B. Dot
I’m the young’un from the West Coast that be pro-Blackin’...but still toe-taggin’
And that’s…
“Swave Sevah”
The old-ass nigga tryna live off a young’un fame, but can’t manage: Joe Jackson
They say I can’t cut it in New York
Well, I’m at his Big Apple, throat-slashin’
This Magnum? A brand-new model
I’m bringing gunplay down the runway, since you old-fashioned!
What’s brackin’!?
We miss the old Swave
Nowadays, you’re not amazing me
Your voice too nasally, speech boring
Yeah, you can rap and shit
But you be on stage, wide awake, soundin’ sleep, snoring
I creep on him, catch him in the wee morning
Slow-yawning like, “ Who the fuck is this?”
I’ll have somethin’ ringin’ big at 5:46! No Warning!
I’m ON him!
I’m here to sever Swave
Dump his body in the Everglades
We done caught hella fades
I know you know some shit, but I’ll empty the clip if a karate chop is ever raised!
I turn a knife into a chopper: that ain’t no DNA machete thang
I just mean I’ll get to whipping this knife so fast, this shit’ll look like propeller blades!
I’m felon-raised
My father sent me to come harm you
He was a shooter that kept the same pistol
Yeah, my pops is known for having one arm, too
This is a brand-new view
Some haters can’t observe these heights
But you? You getting swerved on sight
I pull up, pull out wit’ the Bulldog-
Naw, you don’t deserve these bites…
I made you a dinner date with the fist: I insist you reserve these rights!
What could this nerd a nigga from the streets where the thugs and the killers dwell?
Where little kids never see the beach
Playing in mud is how they pickin’ shells
Instant famine, so drug transactions what’s “insta-grammin’”
Them stories wasn’t meant to tell
Long extended clip, shaped like a half-moon: the gun got sickle-cell!
Wish him well!
Y’all better wish him well!
Or find him in a ’ he could live to tell
This is weighed these options on a digi-scale
Somebody’s gotta die: it’s like one of the stories Biggie tell
Ironic how removing a slug equals an empty shell
Niggas frail!
Team Homi tryna get the cops to nail us
Soon as we pop at fellas, they get to running off at the mouth faster than auction sellers
That’s why I stick to my clique if we gotta exit this ‘cause it’s gettin’ bad
It’ll be Bloods and Crips coming together
We don’t part C’s : it’s a different staff!
This nigga talking ‘bout a deposit, like he gettin’ cash!
All that drive is gon’... hit a crash
You should park
The trailer? Trash, but that’s the only time we seen you get a bag!
Another Harlem nigga with no bread? This shit is gettin’ sad!
Don’t speak on presence : you ain’t even got the gift of gab
Karate-ass nigga!
You fuckin’ karate-ass nigga!
I’ll grab the Glock, click and blast
Parallel universe - shout-out to my nigga Dan
I need you to understand
Me and you got the same father, but a different dad
Your pops was in the dojo?
My pops was runnin’ from the po’-po’ for splittin’ bricks in half!
Swift his ass!
Swave, there’ll be no saving you after the mess I made of you
I’ll put the blade in you, take the blade out, then I’m changing to
The pistol, I’m a sicko
It’s a strange game I wanna play with you
I aim at you, squint my eyes low like an Asian dude
And try to put a bullet through the same incision the blade made in you!
I’m fadin’ you, nigga!
They told me to make sure I came ready
“He from Team Homi, Swave deadly”
Well, niggas from teams play!
I’m from a gang! We bang, aim steady
Land of the Pirus, all my dudes chuckin’ up P’s like we hate veggies!
I’m a West-Sider, nigga! We bred different!
My big homies told me, “Aim at the chest, ‘cause even if he duck, the head gets it”
They told me he cut off his braids…
I don’t give a fuck! He still gon’ get his head twisted!
The Feds listenin’, so let’s not talk about how the whoopty blast
Let’s talk about how this was supposed to be Mickey
Instead, I’m in front of yo’ Goofy ass!
This nigga trash!
Y’all wanna know how this came to me?
ARP hit my line like, “Dot, I need you to hop on this plane for me.”
He said, “I need you on this card!”
I said, “Vers’ who?”
Then he said, “Look, look…”
Then he started to explain to me…
This nigga had such a hard time sayin’ yo’ fuckin’ name to me!
He doing favors for you, nigga!? That’s the only way you got a turn?
The nigga that earned his spot, vers’ the guy that always get his body burned?
You gotta learn…
Nigga, you gotta learn!
This new class? You old-school niggas can’t compare wit’ it
I mean, all them L’s you took in your career, Swave
couldn’t find a way to flip it around and make stairs wit’ it?!
I’m up here wit’ it, where the air’s different
Outta this world is where I found the verse
But you? Always been a cool nigga
Yeah, you know, down-to-earth!
The pound’ll burst at anybody thinking he better than this
I’m used to niggas taking stabs at me
I just battled somebody who tried to sever they wrists!
The evidence is these niggas front for nothin’
Got a lot in common with the snub
Yeah, you know, the nose always stuffed with somethin’
I don’t bluff for nothin’
This that Black African Power
And if these is your last days, Swave, then this is your last hour

Aight, let’s get somethin’ straight
I ain’t come here to out-rap this rappity-rappin’-ass nigga
So you? Go ‘ away!
But one thing’s for sure, and two things for certain…
Y’all niggas gon’ hear what the fuck I got to say!
Fuck this nigga!
Now, immediately after this match was announced
I seen a lot of you mothafuckas start countin’ me out!
Like, “B. Dot gon’ kill him!”
“He gon’ 3-0 Swave”
And in order for me to win, I gotta regrow braids!
I hear all this crap!
“Team Homi boss is wack”
“His last battle was lackluster”
“He been falling flat”
Get off of that
The Boss is back!
He get crazy, I’m slammin’ B on his head: that’s a Boston cap
Talkin’ “Black African Power”, but you ’se a fraud!
So I came here to expose this luminol!
Me? I can’t stand here and hear this nigga preach about melanin
I’m too trigger-happy! In a minute, I’mma push his melon in!
Listen, I got this AK, SK, tre pound, huh
All of which I swear will make this nigga lay down, huh
The A andamp; SK too big to carry it, I’m a backpacker
So if he misbehave, it’s gon’ get B. tre’d like a backstabber!
Yo, what B. Dot we gettin’ today?
Is it the conscious Kemetic?
The one who choose to educate they people about they Egyptian genetics?
Please! He can rap and all that
But y’all really wanna hear this kid?
Cool, here he is
But I wanna kill him
And to do so, I crafted and shaved down my bullets ‘til they were shaped like pyramids!
Consider it!
See, I’m a creative killer, operatin’ with logic
Like…is he still considered a “conscious” rapper if I laid him unconscious!?
I’ll put him DOWN!
Nigga lookin’ to dodge it…
Then his circle get pushed around like this shit was a mosh pit!
What B. Dot we gettin’ today!?
Is it the flag-waving Piru?
Nah, homie, not you…
I thought you wanted to uplift your brothers
You mean you wanna watch them die, too!?
My nigga, if you think that message being conveyed, then I kinda gotta argue
I mean, you either Blood or you Black Panther
What kinda rapper are you?
‘Cause against me, your blood be drippin’
They pay attention when the thugs be spittin’
Your skull get dented, your jaw broken, mug get lifted
I’ll put dots all over Dot, so now the slug can’t miss him
So duck when that arm shootin’ a drug addiction!
Listen, this is “pseudo” vers’ “judo”, and son sumo
And I’m droppin’ heavy early, like a young sumo!
I think of B. Dot? I think of righteous, enlightened wisdom, fightin’ system
Always rapping ‘bout ancestors, so tonight, I’ll reunite you with them!
Bravery, ‘cause a lot of niggas mention my name, and these lames run and hide
It’s crazy, ‘cause he came to rap circles around me, but he the one leaving mummified!
It FIT him!
So come with lies, and I’ll erupt in a brute rage
And have your clothes looking like you bought ‘em off Luke Cage
Swave! Rare breed!
I put blood, sweat, and tears into these bars
Since your name Dot, it’s only right I lift your soul ‘til it reach GOD!
So, B. Dot, be in for some shit today
‘Cause for this battle, the power of the Black be STRIPPED AWAY!

I don’t put shit down on the page, I’m a mind-writer
Welcome to my divine cypher
I design rhymes like Einstein computing relativity
Expanding like string theory
Threading it all together by a fine fiber
This flow I’m conducting is electric
Probably why I’m a “live-wire”
You catch me wit’ ya pound?
I’m ducking, reaching for any gun around
everything like Limewire!
ARP, why hire a nigga like me?
A nigga that’s a walk-up shooter, not a drive-byer
Y’all done put Dragonfly Jones in front of the Dragon
He trash, but when we clash, I’mma make this bond FIRE!
My mind’s higher than this Harlem legend that ain’t got the lessons
In front of the God from the West end
Not a Western God, but I’m here to bring you blessings
What’s this you stressin’, about me being conscious and a gang-banger?
Well, let’s decease the shit
I don’t beef with Crips
I’m tryna unite my brothers through the colors: I’m more RBG with this!
But we know beef exists
So we gon’ need a Harlem Hospital gown for the prick
No doctor, King, I want the violence, you’ll get rounds from the clip
No Uncle Tom, he think I’m Martin
‘Til Bruh Man see something unexpectedly coming down from the fif’ !
Now that’s cold! Brrr!

But y’all gon’ have to bundle up and stick around for this shit
Yeah, we know this RBE circus is scary
But don’t compare me: we know this clown isn’t it !
But he sound like he lit
So I hit my New York guys like, 'I need you to gimme the Glock'
If I sneak this in , it ain't gon' be no subliminal shot
I hit ya arm, leg, leg, arm, head, 120 degrees when I'm dumpin' the strap
I leave the 85er deaf, dumb and blind and there's a 5% chance you'll recover from that
But let's discover the facts
Cause history is what they askin' me
I think about Malcolm givin' speeches in Harlem and, why you ain't grow from that branch in that family tree?
That's when I think about yo' pops and I pinpoint this with accuracy
You ain't give them knowledge cause back when Malcolm was givin' speeches to blacks in need
Your father would rather be, in the dojo, bowing to the Japanese
And that's wack to me
It's plain to see it's all a gimmick, niggas Africans started self defense called Montu
We can see it all in the walls of Kemet, I can show you
How we've been goin' hard and soft before Goju
We was known to brawl, but you?
Rather learn from Asians who got the word 'martial' from the word 'Mars' which is a Roman God
That's how I know you odd
I don't care how many nunchucks you flip
I'm from where we tuck the fifth and untuck the shit to gun butt this bitch
Beat ya like ya mama, 'Didn't. I. Tell. You. Not to fuck wit this?'
You thought we gel? Well, look at you, stuck wit' this
The irony, of an old ass nigga having 'dying' on his bucket list
I mean, what's up wit' this?
I'm the hypocrite? Nah, nigga, you the confusing one
I mean you know all these martial arts sensei but still rappin' 'bout usin' guns
Is it the karate chop? Or does the shotty pop?
Are you a disciplined student or are you assisting the nuisance?
Helpin' the fiends score when you supplyin' the rock
Which reminds me of that Saga plot
Vs him? You was actin' like you praise God a lot and evil was just leadin' to a road
Then Th3 Saga continues when you brought Saga to the venue and the Demon was exposed
I can't believe what you chose
I mean I understand duality, but I can't rock wit' a nigga leanin' with his soul
So I send you to the afterlife
Snub in ya mouth, you gonna really have a hard time breathin' through the nose
But it seems I've been exposed
Right? The conscious brother on the black power shit
And gang bangin', you tryin' to figure how it mix, it contradicts
Conflicts wit' my consciousness, you awkward bitch
They brought us over here starved on ships
Shackled up by the feet, couldn't even walk
Guess you say that's the only way we should bond wit' Crips
I should bomb ya shit, for thinkin' you should ruin my skill
Nigga Team Homi, I'm the one that's holdin' court
And you goin' back and forth is just a suicide drill
Nigga chill
Tryin' to paint this picture of me in New York and depicted as art
Tryin' to expose me on film
You ain't got enough flash to pick up my shit in the dark

Gotta click it and spark
Team Homi finna have another dead homie, I got more in store
No board, Drew, I'll leave ya wit' a red top, put the Feds on him
Chop the hands off him
You can't pick flowers from this goons garden
I'm from a big castle where only fools walk in
Well be my guest, come meet the beast, let the tools talkin'
I'm that rude barkin', and this old Yeller can't bark with this
It go Mook, Lux, , Swave
If you wanna Restore Order you should start with that Harlem list
I'm the arsonist, the guy that's known to blow cartridges
I was way far away when I thought of this
Random selection, with the weapons, it was all force
And now I'm two feet like a Darwinist, I was called for this
This that black African power
And if these is yo' last days Swave, then this is yo' last hour

I'm black y'all and I'm black y'all and I'm blacker than black and I'm black y'all
I'm black y'all and I'm black y'all and I'm blacker than black and I'm black y'all
I'm bliggy black blacker than black black I'm black and I'm black yo cause I'm black and I'm back
I joke around to lighten the mood so y'all can get ya head right
But it's also a metaphor to let y'all know that I Dead Mikes
Ayo, that's what you remind me of, us of, on the real nigga
The freedom fighter tryin' to rally all the real niggas
I mean you seem authentic though, you give off that feel nigga
But you light that type wasn't allowed to mingle with us field niggas
Ayo, fast forward, you joined a gang for protection you little bitch nigga
So the Boyz N The Hood won't really pick witcha
But then you seen the big picture
Like, 'I'm scared what they might do to me
So no more black on black crime. Let me focus on black unity.'
Black power? Yeah I'm wit' the movement and I like what ya doin'
You know bein' a voice for the people
But do recognize this shit won't be over until every man is looked at and considered equal
So you may think that what you doin' is here protectin' ya race when
All you really doin' is preachin' another form of seperation
Listen, we ain't new to this
Our people ain't never been on par with legislation
But we gotta deal with the cards we was dealt
And I ain't never met a nigga wit' a deck of aces
Nigga, we are survivors, see we built empires from the little we had
See, for me it's all about forward movement, you like to live in the past
And don't get me wrong, there's a lot of trouble with race
But as battle rappers, this is our escape
And we don't need a nigga in here tryin' to throw it in our face
And that's what the fuck you do every battle my nigga
He wanna constantly remind us of the white man plan and how they was hangin' us brothers
Yo my nigga, you may have left the games alone but you still here bangin' for colors
My nigga, me? I ain't never join a gang but I am a product of my environment
I got to cater to you different crowds so my style vary
My voice deep and I speak loud so that the sound carry
I've been a part of the life for all of my life
Things I've seen as a child scare me
And my mama ain't raise no chumps
She calm now but when she was young she was like Proud Mary
That's why, you prolly find me out carrying
Beef, I'm robbin' on sight
Spot him, I reload and follow B home like I'm stalkin' Hov wife
Hood shit, he stop at a drive thru, cool
I creep slow with the heat low
Jump in the passenger side and shove my heat to his cheekbone
Like, 'Yeah nigga. You know what this is. Don't make a scene nigga
I want ya Africa medallions, ya Ankhs, some oils, incense and I'll take a double burger wit' cheese nigga.'
He start resistin', right? So I shove the nozzle into the nose of this fucker
He screams out, 'C'mon man. We supposed to be brothers.'
Oh you think you smart nigga? Tryin' to kick knowledge nigga?
Nah I'm fuckin' up, I'ma stop kiddin' yo
I just quoted damn near a whole movie script, no good
I ain't gon' front for a second there, I kinda felt like the old Suge
Nah but, blacker than Pan African, X-Clan advocate, black man activist
I'll backhand smack this bitch
Once that man, you'll need a CAT scan after it
Cause y'all ain't seen a knock upside the head like this since the Gap Band classic hit
'Goddamn, he say 'Gap Band', Swave an old nigga.'
That's all they ever say, 'What's his age? Swave's an old nigga.'
Yo, y'all wanna know what's worse than gettin' old?
Not gettin' old
Let these dumb niggas die young nigga
Fuck outta here. Team Homi nigga

When we look at your name in this game, I'm superseding it quick
This may trick some niggas but
When we look at green, numbers on the scene, it's odd how we ain't even at this
They keep tellin' me you 'The Gatekeeper' yeah they tagged you wit' that
I didn't believe it was steak, besides
What the fuck is a Gatekeeper to a nigga that's the key to this shit
I'm squeezin' the fif- nah
This the round son come out to shine like a receding eclipse
Why take this battle? All my fans wanna know the meaning of this
Cause I still gotta win tho , that's why I see through the shit
I love New York hip hop
Why y'all switchin' up the beats in this bitch?
Sound like y'all from the south
Y'all fell for the trap cause seen G's in the mix?
I mean New York is hip hop, if it wasn't for y'all it'd be no reason for this
I just think if y'all communicated more things like mumble rap wouldn't need to exist
Which brings me to this
How URL and RBE beefin' and shit
I had a fire battle with Mike P, it was lit
The very next day you dropped a trailer with Swave tryin' to take away the hype from a decent event
Maybe I'm not peepin' the switch, that ain't what you meant
Maybe you used it as promotion for this battle cause you know he as weak as it gets
Well either way, we can't claim to have the same size boat and ride the wave of another league
That may mean you got leaks in the ship and I ain't sinkin' ya shit
Nah, my nigga I'm here to keep it afloat with this west coast superstar
Nigga you, I do more than you do for Harlem
How a nigga from the west uphold the lessons from the gods that put the schools in Harlem
Clarence Thomas X, Clarence 13 X
Father Allah was teachin' these fools in Harlem but you ain't get the message
Cause you let a white boy say 'nigga', that's just pathetic
Blood, where I'm from, if a white boy even say 'ninja' he gettin' Shredded
But you said it's, 'Because he grew up around blacks and that's the partial part.'
Well all this kung fu shit you kick, Eminem don't say 'nigga'
I thought you'd understand Marshall's art
This is Garvey's heart, and you gon' have to deal wit' them harsh remarks
You know a nigga like me ain't gon' forget
How they had us on a ship, shackled up by twos and it wasn't no godly ark
You oddly smart, but I'm surprised you down wit' it
Lettin' Bagz say 'nigga' only gon' register to other whites that's around this shit
Now they gon' say it cause you let him say it
And if I hear him say it, I'ma pound they shit
I'm not sayin' Money fake but, why give him a rebuttal to dodge and slip and make that counter fit
That's coward shit
You gotta be willin' to tell these white motherfuckers this is our shit
Cause you the OG, you supposed to be leadin' the way, don't lead us astray on ya power trips
See this is how we get
OG's like DMX, I was so upset to hear the rock he on
In and out of jail, hell, we all used to rock his songs
I'm pretty sure Malcolm X inspired DMX and maybe that X could've helped d
All I'm sayin' is, OG, don't guide me wrong, you know what I'm sayin' is truth
We tired of you old ass niggas that hate on the youth
Rappin' ass niggas should stay in the booth
I'll come up out that shit and I'm Superman in my community when I change out the suit
But you? You claim you here to Restore Order, right, copy that
Let's drop the facts
I came in this game like a boss
After my first couple battles I knew my worth and where my stock was at, and that ain't stop for SMACK
I told them 'No PG's', went on that league and conquered that
None of you niggas can do what I've done, I'm even bringin' zombies back
Look at how I woke up the dead with these conscious raps
While you sit on the stoop, outta the loop in your grand daddy chair rockin' back
Judgin' the youth like, 'Yo, yo, word to motha. Y'all gotta stop wit' that.'
Police poppin' blacks, I'm in my community puttin' cops to task
I'm in the block to build, you in the dojo tryin' to find blocks to smash, I can't rock wit' that
Nigga you can't just call me no copycat
And not give me respect for bein' that white people neck
Teachin' that everything they know we taught them that
Look at how I brought this back
Goin' to war with league owners, if they wanna profit raps they gotta drop some stacks
You worried about pocket taps, I'm worried about whether or not our pockets fat, and you knockin' that?
What do I do that you so opposed to? Be honest scrap
You got a son like I got a son
You'd rather hear him hear these niggas talkin' 'bout 'cockin' straps'
Than me tellin' him he a king and that God is black?
Be honest scrap
You an OG, we acknowledge that, we know it's clear
But I've been teachin' history through crinology
Literally, restoring order my whole career
And all I hear, is the Lux shit
How if he never battled Cal' with the style
Yeah, yeah that's true nigga
But if legends inspire other legends then tell me, who's been inspired by you nigga?
I'm the truth spitter
That Lux clone shit, I'm sure you gon' hit me wit'
Similar cadence, fast pacin', hand gestures, a whole list of shit
I never said he didn't influence me
Told him when I met him that I respect his mind's intricate
Played a song I wanted him on, he said he fucked wit' it, so I sent the shit
I never got that verse back, but no slack, I'm a grown man we don't trip for shit
I just figured you could've put me under the wing and since you didn't that must mean you want me to jump in this ring and clip the shit
See the difference is, I really live the shit
This ain't no battle rounds y'all gon' hear this in
Black African power, and all my songs, interviews and anyone of my appearances, I'm furious
I'm sayin' this in New York, are y'all hearin' this?
The fearlessness
From a nigga from the west, from the Boyz N The Hood
The only Styles I copy was Furious
I'm here for this
I'm Marcus Garvey reincarnated, I'm Detroit Red before he became Allah's favorite
I'm the Harlem Renaissance personified in the god boy and my third eye dilated
And I've waited, to blossom up out this cocoon and be more than just a Su-Wu nigga
And I proved that tonight
By showin', that I rep Harlem consciousness better than you do nigga
Don't let this voodoo hit you
This that black African power, and if these was your last days Swave
Then this was yo' last hour

A couple of my Homi's had to sit down for awhile
But by the grace of God they out now
But while they was in, they'd hit me like, 'Yo Swave
The homi niggas fuck wit' Homi my nigga, they fuck wit' you.'
I'm like, 'Aight cool', so this is shout out
So this part is for anybody, doin' time or already did it
And not to place y'all selves in no fucked up surroundings, but just bare with me a minute, right
Imagine bein' locked up, you in there thinkin' 'bout the time you got left there
You do your daily routine, link up wit' ya squad, hit the rec then
Play some cards, maybe hit the yard, get some reps in
And then you hear, 'My brother, my brother, my brother
I hope you adamant about exercising your mind the way you exercising your physical brother
Let me give you these lessons.'
'My nigga go get the fuck outta here with that dumb shit.'
Nahmean? Like, I swear to God y'all niggas is so fuckin' annoyin'
Always pick the wrong time to preach to a nigga, that's why we duckin', avoidin'
And it ain't even gotta be jail y'all, we don't like it when y'all do it anywhere
So my question to y'all is, why the fuck do we allow that shit in here?'
Why? Cause he rhymin'?
Like the way the nigga spit to you?
Oh that's why you don't mind it? Even though the nigga hypocritical?
I mean, all the nigga do is talk, all he do is make it lyrical
But I ain't seen you on the front line yet nigga, I wanna see you make it literal
Ayo B. Dot, what black community have you given back to my nigga?
What black nationalist rallies have you spoke at?
Yo, you gotta put some more action behind some of these words you want us to believe are so pro black
I mean it ain't even all that, you can do little things my nigga, little things you can do
Like you used to play football nigga, you could've started up a little league for the youth
My nigga, me and my nigga don't just talk shit
There's things like that we get involved with
Like we flew out to mothafuckin' Texas on planes to hand out fuckin' supplies when them storms hit
We don't just put up prayer hand emojis and sit back feelin' pity
We through benefit concert for Puerto Rico where 100% of the proceeds when to help rebuild they cities
What the fuck did he do?
Cause we all hear him talk the shit
But I ain't seen him walk it yet
Nigga yo' will is shot
All this fake woke shit is still a plot
And I ain't gonna respect you Hotep niggas until you kill a cop
Brother Polite, that's your bro yo?
Yes or no?
Cause you do know that nigga's a bozo
Y'all look at his face
He like, 'Yo Brother Polite, that ain't got nothin' to do wit' me.'
But it does cause you get judged by the company you keep
And he's a fraud, a black activist- a con artist posing as a black activist
Who raped the black community outta thousands then turned and gave them his ass to kiss
His position in the black power movement is misleading
He charging money for this knowledge that ain't nobody receiving
And the nigga got caught riding with trannies
Hold on, the scandal with him never ends
Aight, so let me get this straight, not only was this nigga robbin' hoods Men?
You one of his bestest friends my nigga
Yo, but fuck all that kid shit
See, I'ma tell you where you went wrong at
Rest in peace Mike Brown
In his battle with Verb he wore a hat with his image on it
Tried to paint the picture how Verb ignored the kid's importance
You made the connection, Verb from the place where it happened at
And I guess you figured they would figure that's the reason you even had the hat
But you had another agenda you neglected to tell us
See you wore the hat to advertise it, you intended to sell it


Stop lyin'
You makin' money off that black boy death, that's foul ain't it
And what's fucked up is not a dime of that $ went back to the Mike Brown Foundation
See you the worst of the lames
See cause you playin' off all of that hurt and that pain for your own personal gain
And that's why the Brother Polite angle still stands to me
Because he robbed from the black community, but you robbin' Mike Brown family
My nigga, so before I get outta here, make this move quick
Let's review this
Cause with him, there's a whole lot of fables that need chopping
He never put no action behind any words that he jottin'
Him and Brother Polite they sittin' back and they plottin'
You ain't even all the way Blood, pussy, you spottin'
Fuck outta here nigga, Team Homi

Swave Sevah Vs. B. Dot
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